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We Have 15 Years Of Experience
15 years of experience

1 Up Contractors Inc
Residential & Commercial

If you have a vision of what you want in iron work, leave it to our professionals and watch it become a reality. 1 Up Contractors Inc. has been the leading contractor in Miami for more than 15 years. We are residential and commercial client’s trusted partner.

Throughout the course of one decade, our team has taken forth the responsibility of delivering and manufacturing quality aluminum and metal material that will give you the results you are expecting. Our goal is your full satisfaction and we work diligently to meet your demands and exceed your expectations.

We work with cutting edge technology and equipment for the processes and procedures that we take forth. 1 Up Contractors Inc. Is the team you can trust for maximum performance and quality finishes. Contact our team today, and experience for yourself why we are number one.

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We Guarantee Quality Work
1 Up Contractors Inc

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Prices That Don’t Exceed Your Budget

Rail and Roller System

1 Up Contractors Inc. offers rail and roller systems, which can help you move the heaviest loads with a low effort. These systems are particularly useful for granite and marble manufacturers,...read more

Aluminum and Metal fence

Whether you need to enclose a residential or commercial property, aluminum or metal fencing will work perfectly. These materials are solid, durable, and very ea...read more


Welding is used to join together two separate pieces of metal. Regardless of the type of building you have, our welding services will help you make things easier. Our experts will ensure to use h...read more

Custom BBQ

Wouldn't you love to prepare a meal outdoors on a BBQ pit? Now it’s possible! Our experts have the ability to build a custom barbecue spot so you can have family gatherings or BBQ parties...read more

Rocket grill

A rocket grill is perfect to boil, braise, roast, and bake! This grill doesn’t require charcoal or fossil fuel which eliminates the smoke that comes out of the top of regular grills. Our experts o...read more

Forklift Ramps

Our experts at 1 Up Contractors Inc. manufacture a wide array of forklift ramps. Our professionals guarantee to provide economical, safe, and durable ramp solutions for your loading and handling necessities. The forkli...read more

Why Choose Us

Choosing 1 Up Contractors Inc. to handle your projects guarantees your full satisfaction. We work with prime tools and time frames that work for you, at competitive prices.


Our mission at 1 Up Contractors Inc. is to perform with maximum efficiency from beginning to end of any project you assign to us thus, establishing long-term relationships.


Our vision at 1 Up Contractors Inc. is to continue to uphold the reputation of being the most professional, reliable, and precise general contractors in the region thus, becoming the most recognized professionals in the area.

About Us

1 Up Contractors Inc. is a family owned and operated business that has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. We have served the community’s residential and commercial properties with prime solutions for more than a decade and we are still the best at what we do.

Our precision, passion, integrity, and dedication allows our team to perform in optimum conditions. We aspire to better our service and quality through constant training and consistency, in order to accomplish the results you are expecting. At 1 Up Contractors Inc. we have you co...

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Prices That Don’t Exceed Your Budget
1 Up Contractors Inc

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